Max Heinzer is ready for the home World Cup!

Last weekend, Max Heinzer was crowned Swiss individual champion for the fourth time. In his home town of Küssnacht a.R. he could count on the support of many fans. After this successful main rehearsal, Max considers that he is ready for the first highlight of the season, the

The youngest Swiss Champion title is special for Max Heinzer: he could win it at home in front of his family and many supporters. How big the pressure he felt was, could be observed after the award ceremony: in the circle of his family he could be very happy about victory and recover from the matches and recover. Max classifies his victory as follows: «The Swiss championship title at home in Küssnacht was very nice and emotional, also because it was probably my last Swiss championships.»

Max is now looking ahead and looking forward to the next home game: the Bern World Cup tournament. This very important competition on the way to Olympic qualification is the next highlight in the calendar. His evaluation of the upcoming World Cup: «The focus is now completely on the team competition in Bern. It is serious, we need points and in 4 months we already know which teams can go to the Olympic Games. From that point of view, it’s not a normal start of the season, but a lot is at stake right away.»

Max, as well as the other Swiss fencers hope for great support on the weekend of November 10-12 in the Mobiliararena.

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